Why Join LIPA?


Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for your interest in the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association. We think that you will find many compelling reasons to join the community pharmacists that have found membership in LIPA to be informative and beneficial.

Founded in 2001, LIPA’s membership is made up of independent, community pharmacies serving patients across all corners of the state. The association exists to promote the growth and prosperity of independent pharmacies across Louisiana through advocacy, outreach, and policy. LIPA’s greatest strength exists in our pharmacies being able to join together for the common purposes which benefit all of our pharmacies.We understand that, as the healthcare industry undergoes significant changes, maintaining patient access to community pharmacies requires active representation on several fronts.

LIPA members benefit from the association’s longstanding relationships with governmental agencies such as the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Department of Insurance, Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and others. Additionally, members utilize our relationships with several PBMs for expedited MAC appeals and other troubleshooting.

The association’s significant legislative accomplishments include implementation of laws governing prompt payment, pharmacy audits, appeals, and recoupments. Also of note is the limit placed on community pharmacy occupational license taxes; originally billed at one-tenth of one percent of the gross annual sales of all business activity, LIPA worked to implement a cap on this tax to pharmacies of no more than $2000.

Membership in LIPA entitles pharmacies to membership in the Louisiana Pharmacists Association (LPA), payment of Medicare Part B surety bond coverage, legal advice and representation, and regular communications including weekly newsletters detailing important developments affecting the pharmacy industry in the state and nation. Members also receive no-cost enrollment in the iMedicare program which helps them to efficiently manage and retain their Medicare patients.

We are very fortunate to have one of the nation’s leading private wholesalers based here in Louisiana. Morris & Dickson’s support of LIPA’s efforts has been an important factor in our successes, as they provide their knowledge and experience to the benefit of community pharmacies in the state and across the south. As a valued customer of Morris & Dickson, your LIPA membership dues will be covered by your wholesaler.

Please review the LIPA Membership Application and consider becoming a member of the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.


Randal Johnson, President & CEO