The Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association


Introducing LIPA

Since 2001, LIPA has been providing services that benefit its membership of independent pharmacies in order to promote and advance the pharmacy community. A member-based organization, LIPA advocates on behalf of our member's needs, issues and concerns and is dedicated to delivering quality information designed to inform and compel.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the continuing growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy throughout Louisiana. We are the Louisiana Independent Pharmacy Association and we represent the professional and proprietary interests of community pharmacists. We believe in the inherent virtues of the American free enterprise system and will do all we can to ensure the ability of independent community pharmacists to compete in a free and fair marketplace. We value the right to petition the appropriate legislative and regulatory bodies to serve the needs of those we represent. We will continue to promote community pharmacies as the most accessible healthcare provider.

Vision Statement

In a time of rapid change throughout the health care industry, the membership of the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association will continue to play a key role in protecting the critical interests of the citizens of Louisiana and the pharmacists who help patients use their medication appropriately.

LIPA is also committed to working in Congress and the Legislature and supporting our national partners in progressively correcting the damaging influence exerted in the past decade by the uncontrolled expansion of the PBMs, assuring that these entities are repositioned into a more appropriate role--that of supporting the needs of pharmaceutical distribution without being intrusive into the care of patients provided by licensed health care professionals. To assure that the state has a robust range of purchasing and advisory options, LIPA will take action to stimulate further independent ownership of community pharmacies statewide by working with pharmacy students to highlight the benefits of owning an independent pharmacy.

Organizational Structure

LIPA is steered by a member driven Board of Directors who address the needs and concerns of our membership as well as provide direction for policy decisions affecting the independent pharmacy community. Member pharmacies are separated into the 11 LIPA Membership Districts across the state of Louisiana, with each district being represented by the corresponding board member from that area.

We operate on the feedback of our members. If you are seeing pharmacy-related issues within your community that need addressing, please reach out to the LIPA Board Member in your area or call the LIPA office in Baton Rouge to speak with a member of the staff.