LIPA Board of Directors


LIPA is steered by a member driven Board of Directors who address the needs and concerns of our membership as well as provide direction for policy decisions affecting the independent pharmacy community. LIPA member pharmacies are separated into 11 districts across the state of Louisiana, each district being represented by 1 of the 11 LIPA board members. If you are seeing pharmacy-related issues within your community that need addressing, please reach out to the LIPA Board Member in your area or call the LIPA office in Baton Rouge to speak with a member of our staff.

View the LIPA District Map to see which district your pharmacy is located within.

Andy Soileau, R.Ph
Soileau`s Pharmacy
Phone: 337-365-6721
Fax: 337-365-1868
At Large
Greg Poret, R.Ph
Phone: 318-876-2104
Fax: 318-876-3964
LIPA District 1
Diane Milano, R.Ph
Phone: 504-889-2300
Fax:  504-887-7661
LIPA District 2
Blake Pitre, R.Ph
Phone: 985-693-7496
Fax: 985-798-7997
LIPA District 3
David Osborn, R.Ph.
Schilling`s Pharmacy & Gifts
Phone: 985 229-2501
Fax: 985 229-7561
LIPA District 4
T. J. Woodard
Prescriptions to Geaux
Phone: 225-615-8730
Fax: 225-615-8791
LIPA District 5
David Darce, R.Ph
Phone: 337-394-9772
Fax: 337-394-9773
LIPA District 6
Allen Cassidy, R.Ph
Phone: 337-824-1648
Fax: 337-824-6440
LIPA District 7
Nick LeBas, R.Ph
Phone: 337-363-3456
Fax: 337-831-5635
LIPA District 8
Marty McKay, R.Ph
Phone: 318-776-5646
Fax: 318-776-9212
LIPA District 9
Pat Boggs, R.Ph
Phone: 318-326-4229
Fax: 318-326-5903
LIPA District 10
Charlie Jones, R.Ph
Phone: 318-396-6180
Fax: 318-397-9980
LIPA District 11
Kenny Wilson, R.Ph
Phone: 318-253-8747
Fax: 318-253-5136